1. MYTHBUSTERS: Dance Edition

    MYTHBUSTERS: Dance Edition


    Despite being ranked the most physically demanding job in the United States last year, many Americans don’t see dance as a “real job”. Even the part of society that does acknowledge dance as an honorable profession has likely been subject to a slew of pop culture treatments of dance, which at best only shows part of the story and at worst paints an actively false picture of the life of professional dancers. It is our job as members of the dance community to replace these myths with the truth about our field, one step at a time.

  2. STANDING OUT ON-SCREEN - Virtual audition season style and tips

    STANDING OUT ON-SCREEN - Virtual audition season style and tips


    Just because cattle calls are out of the question right now doesn’t mean it isn’t audition season. While auditions have been trending toward online submissions in past years, this year it’s the only way to go. Now, instead of standing out in a room jam-packed with dancers, the trick is how to make your self-tape stand out from so many submissions. Aside from learning the ins and outs of shooting, lighting and editing video, one simple step to putting your best foot forward is still the same: wear what makes you feel good.



    About a year ago all of us embarked on a journey that we did not choose to be in.  It was an adventure we were not prepared for. A long term trip that we would never purchase tickets for...

  4. C'est la Vie

    C'est la Vie Paris is wonderful. We found it so inspiring just walking the streets. The colors, the people, the design! So come with us as we explore the amazing complexity and striking contrasts in the city of love. For a limited time this whole collection is available only at dance retailers. The collection takes a lot of inspiration from  Paris.& Read more...
  5. Meet rising star Lena Garcia

    Meet rising star Lena Garcia


    Dancing virtually in 2020 was a reality for dancers around the world, and Lena Garcia was no exception. But that didn’t stop her from winning Só Dança’s Just Dance Virtual Competition last June. At 11 years old, she performed her way to the top by displaying hard work, great technique and a joyful, positive attitude.

  6. Partnering with Atlanta Ballet!

    Partnering with Atlanta Ballet!


    Só Dança has long been recognized as being a brand that is forward thinking, innovative and that has a strong global presence in dance. The dancewear company celebrates diversity and respects cultural differences, and this is evident in its shoe and tights products that come in a wide range of over 10 colors, for every skin tone.

  7. Legs up! How you can increase arabesque flexibility

    Legs up! How you can increase arabesque flexibility

    Australian-born Só Dança ambassador Bianca Bulle recently retired from the stage to pursue a teaching career, following a satisfying performing career with both the Los Angeles Ballet and Miami City Ballet. As a teacher, she uses everything she knows from dancing myriad principle roles and recovering from several injuries to guide younger dancers through the field with a sense of nurture and positivity. We caught up with Bulle to learn about some of her favorite strength and stretching exercises to help with arabesque consistency and flexibility.

  8. The show must go on: Adapting and thriving through COVID-19

    The show must go on: Adapting and thriving through COVID-19

    The Show Must Go On. It’s a phrase that we dancers know well, and it speaks to our adaptability, our resilience and our ability to thrive under pressure. As an industry, we are used to dealing with anything that’s thrown at us, and never have we been so tested before. Despite the hardships caused by the pandemic, so many dancers are still managing to find the silver linings in each day. We spoke to two of Só Dança’s brand ambassadors – known as So Dancers – Brittany Cavaco and Bianca Bulle, about how they are coping during the pandemic and what the phrase “The Show Must Go On” means to them.

  9. Dress code for dummies: Parents, know how to dress your dance child for success

    Dress code for dummies: Parents, know how to dress your dance child for success

    The beginning of a new school year has all the feels – excitement, some nerves, many questions and lots of back-to-school shopping. And when it comes to going back to dance in the fall, your child needs “supplies”, too, whether they’re headed back in person or virtually. Your little one may have had a growth spurt over the summer and have outgrown their ballet shoes, or maybe they’re moving up to a new level with a new dress code requirement.

  10. Juliet Doherty shares her COVID-19 routine

    Juliet Doherty shares her COVID-19 routine

    Perhaps one thing that is comforting about being quarantined at home, with this pause on regular life, is that everyone is in the same boat. Even the greatest dancers in the world are doing ballet barres at their kitchen counter. Everyone has had to find a way to adjust.


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